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Graphic design is the process where we take all the ideas going on in your head and convert them into a piece of art where you can proudly display on your desired platform, if it be business cards, Websites, Social Media or even a milk carton. 
Graphic design is broken down into number of department but with times changing we have to adapt to the new trends, this is why we are constantly improving ourselves to ensure we can offer an all round service to our client. 
Each element in Graphic design has its own specialisation and touch, you will easily see that they overlap on some cases but the end result will always be a bit different as in your visual design and packaging design. The end product is something different. 

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Graphic Design Elements

Visual identity graphic design
Visual identity graphic design is the process in which you have the idea in your head but stuck on how to get there – that is where we come in and take all that information to transform it into the brand identity kit you need. 
Marketing & advertising graphic design
Your marketing strategy is what takes your business to the next level. Without the visuals it is only a bunch of scribble. We will put the colour to your strategy to further your business. 
User interface graphic design
User Interface Design is where we design the whole look and feel of your newly developed app or website. Once this is done yo are ready to send this to your developers for the final pull through. 
Publication graphic design
Here we will develop the overall layout of your book, comic, presentation etc. All we need is your information and we will do the rest.
Packaging graphic design
If it is a new brand you are establishing and need an eye catching design on your packaging we can help with all visual designs on your new packaging.

"Design is intelligence made visible."

Alina Wheeler
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