Hennie’s, a vibrant South African sports bar chain, is a hub of great food, sports, music, and good company. Founded by Rikus (also known as Jonathan from RadioRaps), Hennie’s brings an American sports bar vibe with a distinct South African twist that keeps customers coming back for more.


Walking into Hennie’s is like stepping into a lively, buzzing arena of South African hospitality. With a plethora of TVs—each with its own decoder—everyone can catch their favorite sport, no matter where they’re seated. Whether you’re rooting for your team or just enjoying the electrifying atmosphere, there’s a screen for every sport and every fan.

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The unique playlist at Hennie’s, carefully curated by Rikus himself, blends beloved classics from Bruce Springsteen, ABBA, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, to name a few. These tunes set the perfect backdrop for any game day or casual night out, filling the air with nostalgia and good vibes.

And let’s talk about the food! Hennie’s boasts a delicious menu featuring its famous ‘signature’ pizzas, each named after beloved members of the family: the Hennie, Inge, Frik, and Abraham Calzone. Whether you’re indulging in a slice or two or diving into other mouthwatering dishes, the food at Hennie’s is guaranteed to satisfy.

Beyond the TVs and tasty treats, Hennie’s is a place to forge new friendships and strengthen old ones. It’s a haven for sports enthusiasts and foodies alike, offering a comfortable space to relax, cheer, and soak in the essence of South African culture.

As Hennie’s continued to grow, they wanted to reach even more people and expand their loyal customer base. With a strong desire to attract new patrons through the power of online video advertising, Hennie’s turned to Brand Circle for their expertise in crafting engaging YouTube ad campaigns. By partnering with Brand Circle, Hennie’s aimed to introduce their unique sports bar experience to fresh audiences and boost their brand visibility across South Africa.


Hennie’s wanted to elevate its brand awareness and reach potential customers around each of its 24 branches throughout South Africa. The goal was to dominate the YouTube ad space in their local areas, showcasing the Hennie’s experience to their target audience.



Brand Circle recognized Hennie’s unique brand identity and leveraged its wealth of content and famous influencers, including Rikus de Beer and UFC Champion Dricus Du Plessis. The strategy involved a deep dive into Hennie’s clientele and their online behaviors, focusing on Custom Intent targeting. This approach allowed us to pinpoint the specific websites, YouTube channels, and interests that Hennie’s ideal customers were engaging with.


We developed a custom intent targeting list that would enable us to remarket to the ideal clientele for Hennie’s. Custom intent targeting is a strategic method of reaching potential customers based on their recent online behavior, including the websites they visit, the apps they use, and the types of content they search for. This approach allows us to pinpoint those most likely to be interested in Hennie’s offerings and reach them with precision.

The campaign was designed with accuracy to engage viewers through captivating video content on YouTube. We focused on crafting ads that effectively conveyed Hennie’s message in different formats to keep the audience intrigued and encourage them to visit a nearby Hennie’s location:

Skippable ads: These ads can be skipped by viewers after the first 5 seconds. Knowing this, we made sure the opening moments were attention-grabbing and engaging, enticing viewers to continue watching and take interest in what Hennie’s has to offer.

Non-skippable 14-second ads: These shorter ads cannot be skipped by viewers and play in full, providing an opportunity to deliver impactful messaging within a brief window. We crafted these ads to be punchy, visually appealing, and clear in communicating Hennie’s brand and offerings.

Thanks to Hennie’s consistent production of engaging content, we had a wealth of videos to choose from for the YouTube platform. We carefully selected the best-performing videos that aligned with Hennie’s brand voice and appeal. By leveraging this high-quality content, we aimed to maximize viewer engagement and reach, bringing Hennie’s vibrant sports bar experience directly to new and potential customers across South Africa.

Discover how Hennie's partnered with Brand Circle to leverage YouTube ads and achieve 23,000 views in 28 days.


The campaign delivered impressive results over the past 28 days, reflecting the effectiveness of the YouTube ads in amplifying Hennie’s brand presence and attracting more potential customers. Let’s dive into the numbers and what they signify for Hennie’s business:

23,000 additional views: This substantial increase in video views translates to a broader reach and enhanced exposure for Hennie’s. By introducing the brand to thousands of new viewers across South Africa, Hennie’s can expand its customer base and entice more individuals to visit one of its 24 locations.

176 more watch time hours: This metric is crucial for gauging audience engagement. The increase in watch time hours demonstrates that viewers found Hennie’s video content captivating enough to watch for longer periods. Higher engagement levels often lead to better brand recognition and loyalty, as viewers absorb more information about Hennie’s offerings and vibe.

153% increase in impressions: Impressions indicate how many times the ads were shown to potential customers. A 153% increase suggests the campaign significantly extended Hennie’s reach across YouTube. The more impressions an ad generates, the more likely it is to resonate with viewers and drive them to take action, such as visiting a Hennie’s location.

The importance of these stats lies in their direct correlation with brand awareness, customer interest, and potential conversions. The increase in views and watch time hours indicates that the campaign successfully captivated the target audience, raising awareness of Hennie’s offerings. The boost in impressions means that Hennie’s is making a larger impact within its target market, potentially leading to more customers visiting their establishments.

Overall, these stats underscore the effectiveness of the YouTube ad campaign in achieving its goals: increasing Hennie’s visibility, driving customer engagement, and ultimately attracting more patrons to their lively sports bar locations. By carefully monitoring and analyzing these metrics, Hennie’s and Brand Circle can continue to optimize future campaigns for even greater success.

Brand Circle’s strategic approach to leveraging YouTube ads for Hennie’s resulted in exceptional growth in views, watch time, and impressions. This success helped solidify Hennie’s reputation as a top destination for sports enthusiasts, foodies, and music lovers across South Africa. With their unique flair and exceptional content, Hennie’s continues to thrive, attracting new customers and retaining loyal fans. Let’s raise a glass to their success!


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